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MAG 1® Motor Oil

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MAG 1® Motor Oil at Motor Supply Co

With both full synthetic and synthetic blend options, MAG 1® motor oils keep up to speed with today's engine demands. MAG 1® is the only motor oil brand that features the proprietary FMX® Technology System which helps balance performance, strength, and durability.

MAG 1® Brands Toolbox

Vehicle is an import or domestic that requires advanced full synthetic oil
  • MAG 1® Full Synthetic Motor Oil Shop Now
Vehicle is an import or domestic diesel that recommends a synthetic oil blend
  • MAG 1® Synthetic Blend Motor Oil Shop Now

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Save time, money, and hassle by ordering MAG 1® and other oil products in bulk.

MAG 1® Motor Oil Products

Vehicle manufacturers continue to push for greater power density and increased fuel efficiency - and MAG 1® has risen to the challenge by delivering extraordinary performance, strength, and durability in every grade of motor oil it offers. From advanced additives to lighter viscosity, MAG 1® motor oils are designed to go the distance.

MAG 1® Full Synthetic Motor Oil

This full synthetic motor oil provides a strong film barrier that controls friction, resists wear, and reduces contact between metal surfaces.

  • Retains viscosity through extreme hot and cold driving conditions
  • Engineered to maximize horsepower and acceleration
  • Enhanced friction and wear reduction
  • Provides long-lasting engine protection and performance
  • Stands up to heat and shearing to extend oil life

Buy Mag 1® Full Synthetic Motor Oil Now

MAG 1® Synthetic Blend Diesel Engine Motor Oil

This synthetic blend of diesel oil provides extra protection and performance when compared to conventional diesel engine oils. Other features include:

  • Improved fuel economy
  • Reduces metal-to-metal contact, even in older engines
  • Retains and even improves viscosity over time
  • Unsurpassed protection for extended oil drain intervals
  • Excellent cold temperature starts
  • Protection against acid buildup that can cause rust and corrosion

Buy Mag 1® Synthetic Blend Motor Oil Now
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Motor Supply Co offers the most popular MAG 1® products at competitive wholesale prices - and you'll never pay extra for shipping!


Is MAG 1® oil high-quality?

MAG 1® oil has a strong reputation among repair shops and auto enthusiasts. These oils are designed to meet the challenges posed by modern engines, and they work to fight friction and wear well beyond industry standards. MAG 1® oils withstand heat and retain viscosity, both of which help improve performance while also extending engine life.

How do I buy from Motor Supply Co?

There are a couple of ways to order your MAG 1® motor oil from Motor Supply Co:

First, register your account so you can quickly add products to your cart.

  • Use the "quick order" button on our website, then sort by product and add to cart
  • Browse the product pages to view the entire selection

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Does Motor Supply Co offer the lowest prices?

Most auto repair shops buy based on their own shop volume—and as a result, they get average shop pricing. But by purchasing through Motor Supply Co, you can benefit from the wholesale volume of the total purchasing group, reducing your overall cost. Buying from Motor Supply Co means accessing up to 40% savings, plus free shipping!