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Its More than just Oil. Its Liquid Engineering.™

The Castrol® Difference

It’s more than just oil. It’s liquid engineering. Castrol provides all the motor oils, fluids and lubricants the world needs, for every driver, every rider and every industry. Castrol is here to serve every driver, every motorcyclist and every industry on earth. We do this through Liquid Engineering. That means creating high performance oils, lubricants, fluids and greases for every application you can imagine, whether synthetic or conventional.

The Castrol® product range has been formulated to meet the specific needs of everything from classic cars to performance motorcycles. It’s a promise we can make because we have been developing highly engineered lubricants that satisfy both consumer and vehicle manufacturer  requirements for more than 100 years. 

For Over 30 years, Castrol is the only major marketer to manufacture
Premium, Custom-Made Additives
  • Enables Castrol to use the best components available
  • Provides a deep understanding on how to produce the most advanced motor oils

Castrol Brands Toolbox

When it’s time for an oil change, which oil is right for an engine? The answer to that question gets more complex every day. The latest engines are getting smaller and more powerful all the time, and manufacturers are specifying complex full synthetic oils to cope with higher engine pressures and meet fuel efficiency targets.

Vehicle requires Advanced Full Synthetic oil with OEM & European Specs
Vehicle requires a Full Synthetic oil / Imports
Vehicle has 75K+ Miles
Vehicle recommends a Conventional oil

Brand Comparison

If your customer is driving a muscle car or a European import, the manufacturer may well specify a full synthetic motor oil. Alternatively if they’re driving an older domestic vehicle, the manufacturer may recommend a conventional oil. However, even though that’s the most economical option, a full synthetic will almost certainly look after your engine better. Knowing what engine oil to use at every oil change is essential.

  • 3x stronger than Mobil 1 against viscosity breakdown*
  • Advanced full synthetic
  • European specs (ACEA)
  • GM dexos1® Gen 2
  • 10X better high temperature performance*

Friction and high operating temperature can waste up to 10% of engine performance


Castrol edge with fluid titanium technology transforms to be stronger under pressure to reduce friction and resist oil thickening


Unlock maximum performance

*As measured in the Sequence IIIH engine test vs. API SP test limit
  • Perfect for severe driving conditions (heavy traffic, short trips, extreme temps)
  • Full synthetic
  • GM dexos1® Gen 2

Up to 75% of engine wear occurs during warm up


Engineered with intelligent molecules that cling to protect in high stress driving conditions (short trips, stop-&-go traffic)


Instant protection from the moment you start

  • No oil keeps engines cleaner
  • Synthetic blend at conventional price
  • Meets Ford specs

Environmental factors can cause sludge, varnish and carbon build-up


GTX Ultraclean with synthetic technology prevents new sludge formation 1.4x better* than the latest industry standard


Superior sludge protection to help extend engine life

*As tested in the Sequence VH sludge test vs. API SP limits

  • Specially designed for engines over 75,000 miles
  • Protects against sludge, wear and burn off
  • Reduces phosphorous to protect your emission system
  • GTX High Mileage is a trade up option for conventional consumers with more than 75K miles on their engine and want the added benefit of emission system protection
  • EDGE High Mileage is a trade up option for consumers who want the performance and protection of EDGE, want the added benefit of emission system protection and/or have the requirement for a GM dexos® specification

All engine oils contain phosphorus – which is known to be a poison to the catalytic converter


Castrol GTX High Mileage and EDGE High Mileage offer Phosphorus Replacement Technology, a proprietary formula with reduced phosphorus content


Reduced phosphorus without compromising wear protection

*As tested in the Sequence VH sludge test vs. API SP limits