About Us

MotorSupplyCo provides a world-class e-commerce marketplace to empower independent shop owners to stock quality products at wholesale pricing. Our customers trust us to be a partner to their shop. We are committed to making the hard work they do in their shop a profitable situation instead of a courtesy service. We partner with brands such as Castrol, Bosch, Trico, Sherwin Williams, and more to provide special negotiated prices and serve up the best buying experience to our customers.

To date, MotorSupplyCo members have saved over $200,000 on the way to $10M.

That is what we do. Who we are is a different story...

We are more than just another tech company.

We are anchored by five core values that we work hard to live out.

Meet The Team

John Wiesehan III


Shawn Heitz

Chief Financial & Operating Officer

Boomer Alred

Executive Leadership Coach

Rob Spurlock

Chief Information Officer

Scott Robins

Vice President

Lanai Norris


David Ward

Director of Supply Chain

Ryan Ridings

Lead Developer & EDI Specialist

Paul Gibson

Director of Design

Olivia Hooker

Omni Channel Marketing Manager

Brendan Murray

Sales Ambassador

Elias Genao

Sales Ambassador

Jennifer Bursey

Director of Customer Support

Lara Carson

Special Projects Lead