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Bulk Motor Oil Supplier

Buying motor oil in bulk saves time, money, and hassle. By ordering your next bulk motor oil shipment from Motor Supply Co., you'll get some of the top quality brands and products shipped quickly while reducing waste and disposal fees.

Quality products at wholesale pricing
Shipping costs included
Vast selection of oil for any industry or application
Same day shipping throughout the U.S.
Special negotiated prices
Receive bulk oil orders in 3 days or less
Benefits of Ordering From Motor Supply Co.

Bulk oil ordering a hassle? Get top quality brands and products shipped quickly while reducing waste and disposal fees.

Top Brands From Your Trusted Wholesale Motor Oil Distributor


From mineral oil to full-synthetic, Castrol offers an oil to fit every engine and performance need. Founded in 1899, Castrol has a storied history and has long remained on the cutting edge of engine lubricant technology. When you purchase Castrol bulk motor oil, you know you're getting high quality at a competitive price.

  • Superior wear protection on critical engine parts
  • Effective sludge cleaning and protection against sludge formation
  • High level of protection against viscosity breakdown
  • Thermal and oxidation stability
  • Anti-wear additives that can help extend engine life

Shop Bulk Castrol Oil


Offering both full synthetic and synthetic blend motor oils, DuraMAX provides superior performance while reducing fuel consumption, promoting clean engines, and extending engine life. DuraMAX motor oils are compatible with both mineral and synthetic oils, making them one of the most versatile brands on the market.

  • Reduces oil consumption and leaks
  • Protects against thermal breakdown
  • Minimizes deposit and sludge formation
  • Improves fuel efficiency
  • Provides protection against viscosity breakdown in severe environments
  • Fights friction

Shop Bulk DuraMAX Oil

Types of Bulk Motor Oil

As a wholesale motor oil distributor, Motor Supply Co. offers all motor oil types for all engine types.

Motor oils fall into one of five categories: full synthetic, synthetic blend, high mileage, conventional, and heavy duty. Each type has its own unique characteristics that benefit certain engines and applications.

Full synthetic motor oil is chemically engineered to provide uniformly shaped oil molecules and performance-enhancing additives. Synthetic motor oil performs better under extreme high and low temperatures and is ideal for modern and high-performance engines.

Synthetic blend motor oils rely on a mixture of synthetic and conventional base oils. These oils provide more oxidation resistance than conventional oil while maintaining excellent low-temperature performance. Synthetic blend motor oils may also include detergents to help reduce sludge formation and extend engine life.

Vehicles with a few zeroes on the odometer (or those with over 75,000 miles) can benefit from high-mileage oil. This motor oil has additives that can reduce oil consumption and even prevent leaks that are common in older engines.

Conventional motor oils are derived from crude oil and come in a broad range of viscosity grades. These oils are designed for simple engines and moderate driving styles.

Diesel engines can be prone to deposit build-up and oil thickening. Heavy duty motor oil helps keep diesel engines cleaner, extending engine life and protecting against viscosity loss.

How a Bulk Motor Oil Supplier Can Help Your Business

Buying bulk motor oil can save your business money, no matter what industry you're in. With competitive prices, quick shipping, and a broad selection of the highest-quality bulk motor oils on the market, you can't go wrong with wholesale motor oil from Motor Supply Co.

We offer bulk motor oil for the following businesses:

  • Automotive retail shops
  • Automotive dealerships
  • Automotive repair shops
  • Trucking and logistics companies
  • Construction companies
  • Municipalities and bus depots
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Marine retailers
  • Marine repair shops
  • Small engine retailers
  • Small engine repair shops

Other Products Available at Motor Supply Co.

At Motor Supply Co., we offer much more than just bulk oil. Check out some of our other products:

We also offer health insurance benefits for businesses and their employees.

Bulk Motor Oil Distributor FAQs

Why buy motor oil in bulk?

Buying in bulk saves cost and time and reduces waste. What’s more, buying in bulk allows you to be ready for whatever repair needs may come your way—instead of waiting for motor oil to ship, you’ll be able to use what you already have on hand. 

How do I buy from Motor Supply Co.?

There are a couple of ways to order your bulk motor oil from Motor Supply Co.:

First, register your account so you can quickly add products to your cart. 

  • Use the “quick order” button on our website, then sort by product and add to cart
  • Browse the product pages to view the entire selection 

Check out is simple, quick, and secure! 

Does Motor Supply Co. offer the lowest prices?

Most auto repair shops buy based on their own shop volume—and as a result, they get average shop pricing. But by purchasing through Motor Supply Co., you can benefit from the wholesale volume of the total purchasing group, reducing your overall cost. Buying from Motor Supply Co. means accessing up to 40% savings, plus free shipping!