How to Get Your Auto Store to Stand Out from the Competition

Getting your auto store to stand out from the competition is a battle worth fighting.

Much like fast-food restaurants and car dealerships, auto stores tend to be located near each other or within a few miles. Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages to having competitors in your store’s vicinity, but you can rise to the occasion with the right mindset about competition.

Mike Cobanli said, “Competitors push you to achieve more.” Not only is Cobanli right, but if you do all the right things to stand out above your competitors, your customers will thank you, and revenue will increase.

If you are ready to get your auto store to stand out from your competition, here are a few strategies to adopt.

Stand Out from the Competition

1. Create a Great Customer Experience

There is no better way to stand out from your competitors than to get your current customers back to your store. To make this a reality, you can either hope or create a great experience. As Rick Page famously said, “hope isn’t a strategy.”

Take a page out of the Chick-fil-A playbook and put an emphasis on the customer experience. All the way from how customers are greeted to how mechanics communicate the problems and solutions to their car. Even though this seems obvious, many store owners take this for granted and it comes back to bite them when previous clients take their business somewhere else the next time.

Customer Service2. Ask for Google Review at Every Checkout

It’s no secret that most prospective clients go directly to Google to find the closest auto mechanic near them. This creates a simple formula for beating out the competition. Positive Google Reviews + High Rankings = Increase Revenue.

To ensure you get the first part of the equation, every customer should be asked to complete a Google review. A simple way to implement this is to get your team in the habit of saying, “It was a pleasure to serve you and your car today. Would you be willing to take 2 minutes to complete a short review about your experience to help us improve our business? If you do, you can receive up to 10% on your next visit.”2. 

3. Highlight Quality Brands Visible from the Road

While everyone might not know the name of your store, there is a good chance they recognize the brand names of quality auto products. So, if you carry quality products like Castrol Oil or Trico Wipers, highlight their logos on windows or road signs.

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Each Auto Store is going to go about differentiating itself from the competition in slightly different ways. So, whether you create an incredible customer experience, ask for Google reviews, and or highlight quality products, the key is to allow your competition to push you to achieve more. 

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