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Chevron Delo 400 SDE 10W-30, 55G Drum

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Elevate your fleet's performance and longevity with Chevron Delo® 400 SDE 10W-30, a top-tier diesel engine oil meticulously crafted for heavy-duty applications. Engineered to meet or exceed industry standards, this oil boasts exceptional thermal and oxidative stability, safeguarding your engine components against wear, corrosion, and deposit formation even in the most demanding operating conditions.

With its optimized viscosity grade, Delo® 400 SDE 10W-30 ensures prompt lubrication during cold starts, promoting smooth operation and reducing engine wear. Its robust additive package enhances fuel efficiency, prolongs oil drain intervals, and minimizes maintenance costs, making it an ideal choice for fleet managers looking to optimize their operational efficiency.

The 55-gallon drum packaging offers convenience and economy for high-volume users, ensuring uninterrupted supply and easy dispensing during routine maintenance tasks. Whether you operate a commercial trucking fleet, construction equipment, or agricultural machinery, trust Chevron Delo® 400 SDE 10W-30 to keep your engines running at peak performance mile after mile.

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