5 Reasons You Need to Try MotorSupplyco If You’re an Auto Store Owner

Shop OwnerThere is nothing easy about operating a successful and profitable automotive store. Mainly because there is never enough time to work on the business instead of in the business.

Take Gerald, a store owner for 20 years, as an example. When he first opened his store, he had every intention of hiring great people and running the business instead of changing oil, fixing cars, and doing state inspections.

However, he did what most people in his position would do. He started working long hours as a mechanic and leaving the business decisions up to his front desk assistant or when he could make time for them. This decision certainly saved a little bit of money upfront, but unfortunately, 15 years into running the business, he never transitioned out of being head mechanic.

Finally, after having a mild heart attack at age 50, Gerald decided it was time to make some changes. He joined Automotive Training Institute, hired great mechanics, and started working on the business instead of in the business. In less than four years, the results the store had achieved were amazing.

While Gerald did many things to change his situation, he decided to leverage the buying power of Driven Brands and his ATI membership and registered for Motorsupplyco.com. Here is how that one decision helped him, and it could help your store too.

1. Quality Oil At The Best Price

Castrol High Mileage

For years, Gerald bought the cheapest white-labeled oil from a friend of a friend. Not only did it not always show up on time, but he knew the oil was rubbish. Then, one day, a sharp-dressed man pulled into his shop driving a Mercedes. He was looking for an oil change with high-quality oil to put in his car for a road trip. Unfortunately for the man, Gerald only carried the cheap stuff and this businessman didn’t want to use it in his car.   

Not only did Gerald lose a potential customer, but he lost a customer willing to pay top dollar. Instead of the $29.00 oil change, he lost a $59.99 oil change plus a plethora of services. He decided on that day the cheap stuff wasn’t the best stuff for his store. He wanted higher quality oil at the best possible price, so he registered for Motorsupplyco.com and found he could get Castrol Oil for as little as $4.33/bulk gallon.  

2. Flexible Payment Terms

For almost 15 years, Gerald paid for oil with a paper invoice and a handwritten check. When he found out he could get incredible financial terms with as much as $5,000 in credit, 30-day payment terms, and the ability to use a credit card, he jumped at the opportunity to leverage Motorsupplyco.com

3. Oil Delivery in 7 Days or Less

There were many times Gerald ran out of oil, and his local distributor had forgotten to come by the store to switch out his 55-gallon drums. So when he switched to Motorsupplyco.com he took control of the oil in his store by selecting what he needed and having it delivered to his store in 7 days or less.

4. Amazon Style Ordering

Gerald had been ordering products online at home, just not for his shop. When he found out he could order bulk oil, wipers, gloves, and more quality products as easily as ordering from Amazon, he jumped at the chance. In less than 10 minutes, he took control of his oil purchasing.

5. Consistent Pricing

The price is oil has been a roller coaster ride that has only been going up. Instead of inconsistent and uncertain pricing waiting for Gerald the next time his distributor came in his shop, he gets stabilized pricing with only two price changes a year. Not only does this allow him to plan, but to adjust the cost of oil changes just a few times a year to ensure profitability.   

Motorsupplyco.com makes it easy to get quality products and to get incredible benefits like quality oil, flexible payment terms, short delivery times, amazon style ordering, and consistent pricing. Much like Gerald, now is the time for you to work on your business instead of in your business. Now is the time to take advantage of Motorsupplyco.com 

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